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Here are some of the testimonials from our clients. All the testimonials are genuine, and we have kept the original letters.


To whom it may concern

We contacted Kent of K-mark as we had issues with our heating system. The heater was actually working what the issue was that the ducts transporting the heat under the house were damaged and extremely difficult to access. We had contacted the gas supplier who felt that the best way to repair this was to replace the whole system. Neither my husband nor I felt comfortable with the costs involved. We contacted Kent having found him on the internet, he came and inspected the ducts and gave us a quote and explained what was needed. He spent one day the following week working in extremely claustrophobic and difficult conditions replacing the ducts. The improvement in the heating was immediate.

Kent was pleasant, efficient, tidy and communicated well throughout the job.
We would recommend K-Mark to anyone who has similar problems with their heating without reservations.

Elke & Alan Trevethan
Owners / Technician


Dear Kent,

Please be advised I have made EFT payment as per invoice # 56 as per details below. Please advise immediately if funds have not been received or there is an issue.

I want to say a VERY BIG thank-you to you for your professionalism and integrity in the job you did for me today.
Your cleanliness and thoroughness was a pleasure to witness.
I wish all tradesmen were like you 

I will make contact in due course for my parents' home for duct cleaning and get you to come back for my evap later in the year.

Warm regards,
Xyz Schulz St
Bentleigh East


Dear Kent,

I just wanted to post you a genuine thank you for a job done to perfection. You have been so meticulous and genuine in your work that I felt that it was warranted to give you a testimonial (something that I do not usually do)

The duct cleaning and repairs, as the overall assessment of the existing ducts was spot on and at such a great price! Your professionalism and attention to detail is almost unheard of in most trade industries at present.

I have given your card to my friends and family and please feel free to post this testimonial on your website.

Kind regards,
Lisa M
xyz Longcres Rd


Hi Kent,

I just want to tell you how impressed we are with your work on both of our evaporative cooling system and ducted heating.

You are the only one that explained to me what equipment/tools you use and how you clean. I also like your approach that you started on the return duct and then the central heater before cleaning the vents. It's amazing to have watched huge amount of dust being brushed out of the return duct. We have had other company before that only cleaned the vents and left the most important part: the return duct and the central heater untouched. The result of your cleaning is superior-I am not allergic to both of our ducted heating and cooling any more.

Thank you Kent and your team for the excellent work. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and families.

Joanne L
xyz Lincoln Av


I can highly recommend K-Mark, Kent was very professional, courteous, and did an excellent job.

Lynne W
xyz Walnut St


Dear Kent

Thank you for providing a thorough cleaning service for my ducted heating. I appreciate your honesty and detailed work and now feel more secure knowing the family home is free from excessive dust and germs.

xyz Sellars St
Watsonia 3087


K-mark ducted Heating & Cooling Services
Att: Kent

Dear Kent,

I wish to personally express our gratitude for an outstanding job. I have chosen other duct cleaners in the past. Their efforts really had no effect on the overall operation of our heating unit. It is not until you cleaned and repaired a couple of our ducts that we have noticed an immense difference. Our Brivis system has never worked this well.

You are diligent, meticulous and very honest. We will only ever use your services from now on. Further we will recommend you to everyone we know.

Many thanks Kent, for your excellent work.

Amit and Sophie
East Brighton
April 9, 2012

Kent, we want to thank you very very much for your excellent work, your tidy approach and pleasant manner.

Ric H
xyz Ford St.
Ivanhoe 3079
K-mark cleaned my ducted heating system on 26/7/11. I found Kent to be very professional, skilful and wise. He gave me great advice and was honest. They are the only company that use very wide hose and cleaning brushes. They were efficient and I highly recommend K-mark to clean your ducted system.

Nella C
xyz Sheffield St
Coburg 3058

Dear Kent

I am very pleased with the duct cleaning you have done on 25th of April. You have done on a professional way, good equipment and very good service. Well done, Kent. I wish you and your family all the best and good luck in the future.

Thank you Kent
Sam C
Xyz Nancy Dr.
Lalor 3075


To Kent,

Thank you so much for a great job you did at my house. You are the only one that explained to me how you clean and what equipment you use to do the job.

You take so much pride in your work. I am very happy with your great work. I will recommend you to all my friend and family. Well done and keep up the great service you provide.

Yours sincerely,

Grace from Lalor
xyz Peter Crt.
Lalor 3075

30th of April, 2011

K-mark is the first company in more than 10 years to clean my ducted heating system properly. Our outside heating unit has a fan where dust gathers, just like the return air duct. This fan had not been cleaned until K-mark did the job.

K-mark also used a brush attached to an extension cord that travelled along the return duct, sweeping up dust deep within the piping as it moved. The suction equipment then sucked away dust that had never been reached before.

I feel confident that our heating system has been thoroughly cleaned for the first time. Thank you, K-mark.

Jo B
xyz Riddle St.
Bentleigh 3204
25th July, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that our heating has been running smoothly 
(well, as smooth as previous, for an old system) since you checked and 
replaced our ducts.

Thank you for your service!

Jacqui & James
xyz Main St
13th May, 2009

Thanks for doing an excellent job on the duct cleaning today. It is good that we are able to get a professional person like you to do the job correctly.

Barry D
xyz Cabernet Cres
Bundoora Victoria

There are many ads for Duct cleaning in the local paper however you take on a bit of a chance when choosing the service. I was fortunate that I spoke with Mr Kent Luo who explained to me the superior equipment that he uses. The cost is similar to dodgy eqipment that is used by most of the others. Kent was there on time as promised and his work is first class. No shortcuts or rushed work but thoroughly professional. I have rarely been as satisfied with a tradesman's work. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Thank you Kent.

Tom S.
xyz Telopea Place Burwood East 3151 


K-mark Home Renovations & Duct Works and in particular Kent who we were fortunate enough to have repaired our duct work is a rare find. We had almost given up on being able to find anyone that was prepared to tackle the difficult under house repair job until Kent came along.

Nothing was too hard for him, he was always there when he said he would be. His work was first class as was his work ethic and on top of all of this, despite the degree of difficulty in the job he was relatively inexpensive. An exceptional find can’t recommend them highly enough.

Ian J
xyz Wood St Preston


I cannot recommend the K-Mark service highly enough to others thinking about getting their central heating ducts cleaned.

Kent from K-Mark was very friendly and efficient and totally trustworthy. My central heating unit is working better now than in the 5 years that I have been residing in my house, even though I have had it cleaned regularly.

He checked the whole system out and gave me good advice on repair options. He certainly is one step up on the other duct cleaners that I have employed in the past.

Jen A
xyz Livingstone St Coburg N 3058

Fixing ducted heating at xyz Armitage Place South Morang

I found K-mark’s advertisement in the local paper, I needed to have my heating fixed straight away as I only had one day off work. I discovered that 3 out of the 9 ducts were not working, I rang and Mr. Kent said he could come that day to have a look what the problem was.

He was here right at the time he said he would be, And went to look under the house , which I must say was quite a tight space to get into. He found out what the problem was and worked out with me when the most convenient time was to come back to fix it. I said 1pm on Saturday and he was here right on time again. He promptly went back under the house to fix the problem, he was under there for approx. 1 ½ hours and now my heating is working just beautifully.

I am very pleased with the work and how he was always here on time as this is something that doesn’t happen very often nowadays.

Terri R
Mr Kent Luo
PO Box 538 Preston 3072

Dear Kent
Thank you for the fantastic service in cleaning our central heating system. We knew it needed to be cleaned, but your work has the system working as it did when we bought it ten years ago.
Thanks also for the tips and advice on maintaining it and the excellent value for money.

Yours faithfully
David G
xyz Rathmines St Fairfield 3078
To whom it my concern

We are so pleased with the work done by Mr Kent Luo.Since the ducts were cleaned there is no odour when the heating is turned on. Kent is very professional in his field and takes pride in his work.We would be pleased to recommend him to any of our friends. We wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

Yous faithfully
Sam & Julia S
xyz Heritage Drive Mill Park